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Who should participate

In this workshop you will learn everything you need to know about Azure API Management, so you can run this service in production efficiently and securely. My name is Sven Malvik, and I will be the instructor of this workshop. The workshop is for developer, engineers, and for people from business that want to understand the service itself, as well as what value it has for organizations.

Small Groups

For many people, it's more fun to learn in small groups. It's also easier to ask questions. The same is true for me as the instructor. I will understand your challenges better, and I can give you better answers. This workshop has a limitation of 5 participants. Drop me a message in case you are a team of more than 5 people.

Why I love Azure API Management

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Summary of Workshop Content

  • Core concepts
  • Policies
  • Logging to Azure Event Hub

Hi, I'm Sven

I've worked with Azure API Management in production for the last two years at Vipps AS. Vipps is the number one payments service in Norway, and also the most successful digital wallet in the world as almost the entire population of Norway is using this service.
How our developers interact with Azure API Management has impressed Microsoft so much that they invited me to Seattle and give a talk at Microsoft Build 2019. What a great experience. Since then, I've been so lucky to talk about Azure API Management at many large conferences. I truly belief in this service, and I'd like to share with you everything about it.

Next Workshop


8. July 2020


15:00 CEST (Oslo/Berlin)



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