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Azure API Management at Norway

Sven Malvik Sven Malvik Connect Dec 10, 2020 · 1 min read
Azure API Management at Norway

How are Norwegian companies like Vipps, SATS, Orkla, Statsbygg, and DNV GL using Azure API Management? What experiences do they have, and what do they think about the service? I wanted to know more, and organized an event with developers that use this service. In addition to that I invited the product manager for API Management Mioa Jiang to answer questions, but also to tell us about cool and new features

This event was split into 3 sections. In the first section the speakers told briefly about their experiences with APIM. In the second section we had Miao Jiang from Microsoft who told about what they were doing in the product team to help and support us developers. In the third section we had a short tech conversation where we asked questions like: “Why do we code policies in XML and C#”. If you want to know why, head over to the full episode of

Azure API Management at NorwayWatch this DEVREAL episode on YouTube: Azure API Management at Norway

DEVREAL means Real Developers, Real Experiences

This event was a real success. 90 minutes, 8 speakers, and a lot of great insights from companies using Azure API Management, and from Microsoft. I got messages, comments, and direct feedback the days after, and everyone loved this so different format. Instead of having long sessions, we had short ones. Instead of talking about different services, we talked about the same one. Instead of pretending all speakers are experts, we focused on experiences and what we maybe didn’t do so well. Our one expert was the product manager of Azure API Management, and we could ask him questions, what we did.

Nest Step

We will definitely continue in 2021 with more services, and more topics. If you have any suggestions, let me know.

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Sven Malvik
Written by Sven Malvik