Event-Driven Infrastructure with App Configuration

Triggering Azure API Management Deployments

Azure App Configuration is great for externalizing application configurations. But what if an application is our infrastructure? How could we dynamically update our infrastructure based on a change in Azure App Configuration? To give you an idea of what I have in mind … At Vipps we have two AKS... [Read More]

Sync Azure App Configuration with GitHub Actions

Combining the old and the new way of configuration management

One questions we might ask us when we move our properties files from an application to Azure App Configuration is how we can do this without introducing extra complexity when updating our configurations suddenly in a different way. GitHub Actions has an action that synchronizes properties files with Azure App... [Read More]

Resource Tagging in Azure

Why it is important

Moving services from on-premise to Azure cloud requires effort, technical knowledge, and some experience to make a business secure, compliant, and efficient. This post will discuss why tagging of resources plays an important role to achieve these goals. [Read More]
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Running Scripts from ARM Templates

Why would we want t execute code within an ARM template? Sometimes we need some value in an ARM template that we don’t want to copy and paste around, like secrets. Evgeny Borzenin describes in one of his blog posts how to create a password in ARM, and then create... [Read More]
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Azure App Service with NodeJS and App Configuration

How to automate provisioning with Azure App Configuration integration

A Web App in Azure contains several resources that need to be provisioned. We need an App Service Plan where we define the underlying compute power, an App Service that runs the application, and we need the application itself which might need a database. In this post I will use... [Read More]

Azure App Configuration Introduction #1

Accessing application configurations with REST - with Video

We build this great application that we configure exactly the way it fits into our environments, and then we realize that changing a configuration isn’t as easy as we’d like to. This post introduces Azure App Configuration Service, a service that manages non-secret configurations. This first part of a serie... [Read More]